What really is a good life?

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Good good life isn’t about money, material goods or even a happy family. It’s more than that. It is perfect peace, security, love and joy. Do you want to live a life like that? Find out what it means and how you can do it.  

When someone talks about living a good life, what comes to your mind?

Do you think of sitting on a sunny sandy beach sipping a nice drink and looking at the sea?

Or maybe, you think of having enough money to ‘do nothing’ for the rest of your life?

Whatever you’ve got in mind, chances are that, the person next to you imagines the good life as something completely different. Even you yourself, at different seasons of your life, might dream of a different kind of good life. 

In my 20s, my idea of good life was to do as much as I could, attend events, go out and meet new people. I’m still keen on some of these things but today, in my early 30s I want more to spend quiet time with God, go for a walk, write, spend quality time with my loved ones, serve my community etc. 

On the surface, our ideas of good life might be completely different but deep inside; it’s about the same – feeling secure, accepted and loved, knowing we’re making a difference and our life has a purpose. It’s also having no worries about today or the future.

It is because the good good life isn’t about the material things, no matter how nice they are. 

It is so much better than any of the things you can imagine. It has only one source but it’s available to everyone. You can start living yours today, if you only want to. Continue reading to find out what it is and how to claim it for you.  

good life

Your own good good life

A few years ago I was deeply dissatisfied in life. I had good things – I was newly married, had a loving husband, we’d just moved to the UK and apart from the fact that we were starting things from scratch, life wasn’t too bad.

However, I lacked joy and satisfaction and was always looking for something more. I would wake up on my day off and look to fill it up with doing stuff. Having interesting life was my way of finding my identity. I’d been a Christian for a few years then and I knew my joy should come from Jesus but it didn’t. I kept saying that as much as Jesus gives me satisfaction, I still want to have something to do in life that gives it a purpose and a meaning.

I didn’t want a life like this – always searching, always looking for the next best thing. I knew that this wasn’t what God wanted for me neither. He promised me and everyone else an abundant life. He didn’t create us to live a life of misery and dissatisfaction, yet I was living like that.

Finally, I felt that enough was enough. I started praying and asking God to show me how to find ‘this thing’ and how to live my life. Not that I had not prayed for that before but that time I really opened my heart to Him. I was honest in my asking and I wanted a real change.

good life

No good life without God

When we pour ourselves out before the Lord, He will not leave us without an answer. And He didn’t leave me without one. I was praying, reading His word and various devotionals and exploring what it was that would give me a life of satisfaction, peace and joy.

In the process, I’d found my real passions and I’d learnt to enjoy what I have, especially the ordinary life. Most importantly though, I’d found out that I really love God, I want to do what pleases Him and I cannot find my satisfaction outside of Him.

That was the beginning. As I was praying and asking questions things slowly started to look different

It took me a few years to realise this but once I did, I started making a conscious choice to put God first. It didn’t come easily, and you can read about my struggle with that in one of the previous posts, but it’s been so rewarding. I started making a choice to seek Him and His will, trust Him for my every single day and believing that He really wants my best.

Good good life is relying on God

Thanks to book “Captivating” by John and Stasi Eldridge and the “Freedom in Christ” course I have found out the truth about me and God and I started making conscious choice of believing that truth. I can say it’s transformed my life.

I’m now at the point where I can say I’m satisfied with what I have. I’m at peace. I don’t search for more because I know what’s God’s will for my life is and I know He’ll accomplish it in his own time and I don’t need to rush Him. I don’t need to stress about things but can rest in Him. I’m not idle though but I’m doing what is right in His eyes, not mine.

Even though I sometimes feel stressed or anxious about life or health, I learn to trust God one day at a time and I open my heart to Him. I know who I am and where I am going. I’m happy with little things and look with hope to the future, whatever it might bring. I know I’m not alone. Life doesn’t look exactly like I’d imagined a few years ago but I am satisfied and happy. And it’s all because of Jesus.

The choice is yours

You can also live like this and you don’t need to wait until we get to Heaven.

I’m not an extra ordinary person. I didn’t do anything special to get where I am. I am an ordinary Christian with normal life – work, husband, children, food to cook, house to clean and other chores to do but what’s made a difference is that I didn’t want to stay where I was because I knew that that wasn’t the life God prepared for me.

I really believed Jesus’ promise of abundant life from John 10:10 and started claiming it for myself. And you can do too.

The first step to living a good good life is to decide that you want it. You need to make a choice that Mary, the sister of Martha, made and sit at Jesus’ feet. I might’ve been with Martha in the kitchen 99 times but when faced with the choice for a 100th time, I made the right decision.

Life of total surrender

But be aware, the good good life is not a ‘happy clappy’ kind of life. It isn’t about positive thinking, finding your passions or the right circle of friends, nor about having a loving family and a satisfying job.

You can have all these things and still not really be living the good good life. And vice versa – you can have none of these things and be the most satisfied person in the world.

Remember Habakkuk? He said:

Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls,

yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Savior.

Habakkuk 3:17-19 NIV 

Good good life is knowing the truth and living by that truth every day, whether it feels like it or not.

You cannot live a good life without surrendering yourself completely to the Lord Jesus Christ. You’ll face troubles, tiredness, disappointments and everything in between but whatever happens you’ll be at peace knowing that God is leading and you can go to Him with everything.

God wants us to be happy not because of what we have but because of Him. In Him we know who we are, we know what we’ve been created for and we feel accepted, secure, satisfied, and meaningful, and we know our life has a purpose.

good life

Good good life today

To me, this is probably the best example of a ‘good good life’ scripture. I’ve seen this kind of life in our contemporaries too. Towards the end of 2019, I posted a short interview with a friend of mine – Mike Murphy, the founder and the president of Warsaw Volunteer Mission, a Christian charity helping less fortunate people in my hometown of Warsaw in Poland.

At the time, he was suffering from cancer and undergoing treatment but He was the happiest and most satisfied person I came across. Even before his illness, he never had too much but He knew He was living according to God’s will and was an amazing example of faith to everyone he met.

Sadly, we lost him just before Christmas 2019 but we know that heaven has got his man back and even though, physically he isn’t with us anymore, he’ll keep inspiring thousands of people for years to come.

Another example is John Kirkby, the founder of another charity – Christians Against Poverty. In his book “Nevertheless”, he writes about his journey of faith and of starting CAP. In the beginning of the book, he talks about experiencing perfect peace despite his very difficult financial situation. He had a family to feed and people to pay wages to but on most of the days he didn’t know where the next pay cheque would come from. Yet, with creditors chasing him for big sums of money, building society threatening him to repossess his house and very little to live on, he speaks of experiencing peace and total assurance that God will provide. This is a good good life which we can only receive from our Good Good Father.

good life

Are you ready?

These are some amazing inspiring examples of people living a good good life but as I wrote earlier, neither me nor them, are extraordinary people. We’re or were living it because we have understood that nothing will satisfy but God. We have also realised that the real good life is God’s concept and only by looking into Him and His word we can learn what it really is and how to live it.

For you, the good good life might look different than it does to me but whatever it is, you will not find it anywhere else than in God.

You will find people who don’t have a relationship with God and still are enjoying their life and might even find it meaningful but I believe that the good good life – joy despite the circumstances, perfect security and acceptance can only be found in Jesus.

What He gives lasts forever. It’s not changed by any circumstances and doesn’t depend on our mood, how much money we’ve got or how beautiful we are. All the other things that seemingly give us good life don’t last and change depending on economic situation, people around us and other factors.

The best is that you can start living this life today. Jesus’ promise in John 10:10 is for EVERYONE. But you need to ask God for it and live it on His terms because He has created it and knows best what it really is.

Will you take up his invitation? Will you let Him transform you and give you the best life ever? Try and see what he can do.

What does the good life mean to you? Share your thoughts in comments.

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2 thoughts on “What really is a good life?

  1. Thank you Joanna for these wonderful thoughts to start the day. I have tried to live this way since my early 20’s, through ‘many changing scenes of life’. It is so encouraging to hear and see a young family living and walking in God’s Kingdom. It’s what I pray for my own 2 sons and their families. God bless you in your ministry and witness. Val

    1. Thank you for reading, Val. And for leaving such an encouraging comment. God has been gracious to us and He is always encouraging and leading us whatever we’re going through as a family. We wouldn’t make it this far without Him 🙂
      I’ll be praying for your sons too.

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