Reinventing the Bible

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I didn’t understand why would someone compare e.g. a cooking book to the Bible. Until I’ve come across a book that I nearly compared to the Bible myself and it showed me something about my relationship with Jesus. 

As part of my job I read recently a book called “Reinventing organisations”. I have then given it to my husband and have been talking about it to a lot of people. You could say that I’ve been evangelical about it (sic!).

The book captures very well what I think about running organisations. The content aligns with my values, what I think about workplaces, my approach to supporting and leading people in organisations etc. It also so happens that for me it very much aligns with biblical principles and how I see God wants us to build places like that. I have highlighted a few things in the book, noted some things and put post-its here and there. And I am keeping it on my desk so I can refer to it for guidance any time I need it.

And then it struck me that I’m starting to idolise it and treat it like I should treat the Bible… I didn’t call it that but the comparison struck me. It quickly brought me back to where I should be but it also made me realise something about the meaning of the Bible in my life that I didn’t see before.

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What does the Bible mean to you?

Of course, Bible isn’t only a guide to a good life or doing things right, or a reference book. It’s THE BIBLE, the holy word of God given to us as the only written thing from Him. The ultimate description of life and death and resurrection. And as much as other books might be helpful, it’s only the Bible that we should ‘idolise’ and treat as our go-to book. Dr Rod Wilson’s explanation of what the Bible is and isn’t from this blog post has resonated with me and you will find it helpful too.

When I caught myself treating another book like I should treat the Bible, I realised that I missed something about the most important book. I missed something about my relationship with Jesus.

I very much like my job and I generally like ‘doing’ things in life. Sometimes too much. So even though I have a close relationship with Jesus and I do love Him with all my heart, too often He takes the second place. After all the things that I want to do for him. Or the things I think I am doing for Him.

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The Bible vs a bible

That’s why “Reinventing organisations” is so appealing to me – my attitude towards it shows that too often I put my ambitions, ideas, and the little worldly thing to do before my relationship with Jesus, not only in what I do but more importantly, in my heart.

If my relationship with Jesus was my priority, Bible would be too because it carries the words about the most important things for me. This has definitely made me think about my relationship with Jesus more than before. It is so easy to let things slip, put Jesus on the backseat but when it comes to salvation ‘a book’ or ‘our’ things won’t save us. Only Jesus can.

That’s why other people who probably don’t know Jesus at all find it so easy to call cooking or a gardening book ‘a bible’. They don’t know Jesus so why would they care about the book that speaks all about Him. Yet they recognise the place of the Bible in the life of Christians as the most important book, really the only one they need.

If they can recognise it in relation to a book, can we recognise it in relation to the book?

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