What’s a good life?

Good life I write on this blog about isn’t about being nice, comfortable or thinking positively. There’s so much more to it and this post will tell you all about it. 


Good life is God’s concept. It’s not the world’s concept, even if the world made us think that. It doesn’t mean a life without problems though. A plain sailing of some sort. Jesus said that in this world, we’ll have trouble. But he also said he came to give us an abundant life. How can you have the latter in the world full of the former?


Jesus is the (good) life

Devil comes to kill, steal and destroy. Devil may give you things that, on the surface, look like abundance but after a while will kill any good thing in you, rob you of joy and destroy you from within. Jesus will do the opposite. He’ll give you every good thing that comes from God, the fullness of lasting joy and will build you up to be the best version of you.

He himself is the abundance and he wants us to look to Him for a good life. There’s no greater treasure than spiritual abundance in everyday life.

That abundance looks like Mary sitting at Jesus’ feet in her house in Bethany. It looks like Mary Magdalene’s joyful tears pouring out when she’d found her ‘Rabboni’ resurrected from the grave. It looks like a woman caught in adultery finding grace in Jesus or like the woman at the well who goes to tell everyone about the Messiah she’d met. That abundant life is meeting Jesus and living in unity with God, through him.


Good life is the everyday

In our everyday life, that abundance may mean being so delighted in Him that we keep our faith when life doesn’t look like what we dreamt of. It may mean not getting irritated when you wake up for the third time in the night, because your child wakes you up. It looks like thanking God for everything you have, even if you don’t seem to have much. It looks like grace poured out on you when you’re making the same mistake again. For 10th or 100th time.

It’s that satisfaction deep inside you that you’re doing what is right. Right in the eyes of God, Right for you. Right for your loved ones. Right for the stranger. Right in the bigger picture.

When you live day by day like that, you’ll experience the good good life I want to write about. It’s a life of peace, communion with God, love and assurance of who you are and that what you do is God’s will.

good life



Good life is in the relationship with God

Are you feeling excited? Do you want to live like this?

Here’s where to start.

Call it whatever you like – knowing God through a relationship with Jesus, being friends with God or something else. The point is God is the one who created us. If we want to know what this life is all about and how it’s meant to be lived, we need to go to Him, and connect with Him on a regular basis.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, take a look here.

If you do know what I’m talking about, but want to deepen it, go and tell him what’s in your heart. Connect with him heart to heart, Tell him your fears, your worries and your joys. Praise Him. Give Him the glory, Crown Him the undisputable leader of your life and let Him be that leader every step of your way.


God is the good life

It’ll reflect in what you think of yourself, how you act towards others, how you work, how you do leisure. Whatever you’ll be doing or not doing, you’ll find lasting joy, not because of what you do, but whom you do it for and with. It’ll reflect in your priorities, your actions, your plans, your dreams and in a vision for your life. In everything.

When you live close to God, even the worst circumstances, are bearable, because you know He’s with you and, in some way, He’s working through it for some reason. You may be poor, you may be unwell but if you’re close to God, you’ll know He takes care of you and you don’t need to worry.

This point is the one that is a source for all the other things that I’m going to write about. If you want to do only one thing in life to live it well, concentrate on establishing and developing your closeness with God, and I believe you’ll be sorted. Jesus really is the answer.

You may agree or disagree with what I wrote – share in the comments below what does the good life mean to you. I would love to see your thoughts on this.

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