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Knowing that God loves me and has accepted me the way I am, has changed my life. There are two other things that I’ve learnt in life and I’m sharing them all with you, so you can be living a better life today.

Last week I shared with you a bit of my life story. The most important message from that post is the fact that life isn’t always the way we’d imagined it to be; but there are a few more things I would like to add to that. They’re three things to know about life – I’ve learnt them over the last 10 years and I wish I knew them earlier in life. I want to share them with you today so hopefully you don’t need to waste your time and can make the most of your life right now.

To continue the theme from the first post, “If I told you my story, you would hear of…”

Love and acceptance

When I became a Christian, the first thing that changed was the fact that I finally felt accepted the way I was. It was something I’d struggled with most of my life, so when I learnt that God loved me the way I was, it was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I didn’t feel anymore the pressure to please anyone or to perform in order for them to accept me. I felt loved exactly the way I was.

Before becoming a Christian, I felt I needed to do something to be liked. I thought no one would like me just for who I was, so I was paying much attention to how I looked (and I never was pleased with it) and what did people think about me etc.

At primary school, people called me a swot and I felt an outsider. In secondary school, they bullied me. It was a bit better at high school but I had still struggled to find my identity and desperately tried to fit in.

One year at primary school no one came to my birthday party. I felt ignored, lonely and not enough to be important. I promised myself not to be hurt by people, so I’d tried to become tough and self-sufficient.

Photo by Nadine Wucheauer from Pexels

It’s who you are not what you do

I practised speed skating for 10 years at a competitive level. In sport, if you don’t win or at least perform well, no one appreciates you. Sport has helped me build my character but also made me feel unaccepted at times I didn’t perform well enough. It wasn’t balanced with any positive encouragement, so for a young woman like me the result was low self-esteem.

I think that most of the things I’ve struggled with in life came as a result of not being accepted as a child and in my teenage years. Things like being serious and not having the distance to myself, struggling with how I looked, finding security and identity in doing and in work, and not investing enough in relationships with people.

Life transforming experience

When I became Christian things have changed. Over the years I’ve understood that it’s God who decides whether I’m worthy and accepted and not people. My value has been decided at creation and not by any of my actions, place of birth, upbringing or a job.

There are still times when I look somewhere else to see who I am but on most of the days, I first go to God and let him tell me who and whose I am. And it’s absolutely transformed my life. I feel better about myself – not better than others but better than I used to. And this is really how we should normally feel because it’s God who created us and redeemed us, not the world. He’s the one who decides of our value, purpose and meaning.

The world is trying to have a say about who we should be but all it can say are lies. I’ve found these words from Freedom in Christ course incredibly helpful:

“The world tells us we must perform well and accomplish certain things in order to be significant. Yet as a child of God, you are already as significant as you could possibly be. Before you were even created, God chose you to be His, and appointed you to make an eternal difference. You cannot get more significant than being hand-picked by the Author of all creation!”

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Be who you are

Whenever I struggle with feeling significant I go back to the first days of being a newborn believer at 23, and still remember that sense of peace and love flowing through my body knowing that God has accepted me a long time ago.

I encourage every person who reads this to think where does love and acceptance comes from in their own life. It’s not worth pursuing what others say is the criteria for being loved and accepted. In His kingdom being loved and accepted is based on nothing else than being who you are.

purpose of life
photo of me from 2019


I used to worry about the way I looked, what people thought, what I’m doing, what I’m eating and probably used to worry that I was worrying too much.

I still worry – about health, the future and whether I’m doing the right thing in life. But I don’t worry by myself anymore – I always bring my worries to God.

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!

Isaiah 26:3 (NLT)

Before becoming a Christian I thought I needed to take care of everything myself. Besides, I thought I had to work hard to make sure that things happen the way I wanted them to. Now I know I’m not in charge.

Things may not work out the way I want them to but whatever I’m going through, I know God is besides me. He’ll advise me and lead me and I can 100% rely on Him. I don’t have to get angry and fight for myself because he’ll fight for me. That brings me so much peace.

I would like everyone to have this assurance in their life, so they can rest in His presence and put more effort into prayer than worrying. This is one of the things to know about life

He’s got a plan

Looking back at my life I know that God will make a way and He’s got a plan. Now, I know that the best thing to do with any problem or worry is to go to God. I love looking at a problem with Him, be it in prayer or simply sitting in quietness. He’s such a good advisor. He’s never let me down and anything looks so different when God is in it.

Whatever is going to happen, it will be ok. I want you to know that life doesn’t always turn out to be what we thought it would but that’s ok. Be joyful and thankful to God in happy times and, with His help and grace, go through the tough ones.

I look with hope and peace in the future. I may not be able to do certain things today but I know they’re temporarily withheld from me for a reason. There’s a lesson for me to learn. I know that whatever I’m supposed to do or be, I’ll do it or be that way in just the right time.

My parents, even though they didn’t go to church themselves, sent me to a Catholic primary school. If they didn’t I might’ve not searched for God at all. Instead, from an early age I was aware of God’s existence and, even if the image of God I’ve received at the school, wasn’t exactly the way God is, it made me seek God throughout my life.

Things to know about life

These are the things I’ve learnt and they make my life good. I wouldn’t know all of them if it wasn’t for the relationship with Jesus and his insight, prayer and listening to him. My prayer is for everyone to experience the same and that’s one of the reasons I write this blog. To share the experience and support each other in our lives.

I want both of these posts to be an encouragement to all of you. I also would like to encourage you to share your story with others – whether through day-to-day conversations or via this blog. If you would like to tell your story to the wider public, don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss writing a piece for Good Good Life. No life story is too insignificant to be shared!

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