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When God gives you a position on the pitch of life, He does it for a reason. You’ve got skills and personality crafted for that position, so don’t run around like mad trying to do what other players are meant for.

I listened to Jeff Lucas preaching the other day on the radio. To illustrate what kind of a father God is, he used a situation from his childhood. He told us that when he was young, he was desperately trying to get on his school’s football team. When the day came to show his skills and play a demonstration game, he wanted to prove himself and show to the coach how good he was. So, he was running all over the field trying to play on every possible position. When the coach asked him did he know what position he was playing on, he hadn’t remembered.

What’s your position?

God, like a coach, assigns us a position on the pitch of life. We get that specific location/job/passion/look etc. for a reason. Like Esther in the Bible, God created us for the times/situations/places like these but instead of playing to the best of our abilities where He puts us, we run all over the place trying to fill every other position.

We may want to prove that He’s wrong and we’re right and we can figure things out on our own or we just don’t trust that He’s made the right choice.

We play a little bit here and a little bit there without committing to one place. Or we try this and that without asking Him what does He wants us to do and where He wants us to be.

Then we’re surprised that either someone took our position or that we missed an important action. As a result, we don’t really know what we are doing anymore. When He asks us, which position we were on, we don’t even remember. We get confused and lost. What’s more, we blame God for this.

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Trust God

Changing our position in the game of life isn’t a wise choice, especially if we go against what God told us in the first place. If we were on a real football team and moved all over the field, the manager wouldn’t put us in the team for the next game. And the rest of the team wouldn’t want to play with us either.

When God gives you a position on the field, stay there, until He decides to move you somewhere else. Being in one place doesn’t mean God is limiting you. No, He’s giving you the best place to fully use your potential. Yes, you can go over to others to support them, when the team needs it but, generally, you’re meant to be where God has placed you. God gave you the skills to be on that position and your potential will be fulfilled there in the best way.

In case you forget which position you were supposed to play, go back to the coach and double check with him. He knows best. He’s designed this game.

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