Rushing is rubbish

Good things take time. There’s more to life than rushing from one thing to another. After reading one of the devotionals sent by my friend, a missionary in Poland, I felt that one of the items I make for Good Good Life shop would be very suitable for his ministry. Wanting to help and bless him, as well as the… Read more →

good life

What’s a good life?

Good life I write on this blog about isn’t about being nice, comfortable or thinking positively. There’s so much more to it and this post will tell you all about it.    Good life is God’s concept. It’s not the world’s concept, even if the world made us think that. It doesn’t mean a life without problems though. A plain… Read more →

Look ahead

Are you constantly living up to other people’s expectations? Do you feel like you’re trying to please others and compromise being who you really want to be? Then, read this post to find out what’s God’s better solution for you and how I’ve battled this habit in my life. While driving my car I often look into my rear-view mirror… Read more →