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This blog aims to see every person living the best life with Jesus Christ.
We’re on a mission to provide you with inspiration and encouragement for everyday life and to equip you to live life well.

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My name is Joanna – I am Polish expat living in the UK with my Ethiopian-born husband and our two little girls – Anna and Eden. My background is in media and journalism, though I now work in business support in charity sector.

I started this blog as part of my personal journey to live a life that I wanted to live and that God had prepared for me. I used to live a dissatisfied life but I knew it wasn’t what life was meant to be.

I started praying… Now (almost) every day I discover something new about God and life, and I want to share these thoughts with you to support and strengthen you in your journey.

Good Good Life exists to encourage, inspire and support followers of Jesus Christ in living everyday life with joy and purpose.

I believe there’s so much more to Christian faith than what most of us learn from Sunday School, media, friends, sometimes, even from church etc. It’s an exciting personal journey of discovering who you are in God and how you can live in a close friendship and communion with the One who made you.

Living in a close relationship with Jesus and exploring everyday life with Him is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I want to share it with others, so everyone can explore the joy of abundant life that Jesus Christ has come to give us.

I want every single person on this planet to experience a good life with and in God. A good life in which you are connected to God, know who you are and whose you are, know why are you here and what you are supposed to do and how.

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